Lighting Your New Space


One of the most important features of your new kitchen or bathroom will be the lighting that you choose. Lighting has changed drastically in the last few years. When you are designing your new space, it is important that you incorporate your lighting into your plan from the beginning.

There are basically three types of lighting that are important.

  • Ambient lighting which creates the tone of the whole room 
  • Task lighting which illuminates a certain area to address the room’s specific function 
  • Accent lighting which draws attention to the decorative features that you love

With all of the new lighting options, LED is now the standard for under-cabinet, interior and overall ambient lighting. This type of lighting allows you to “showcase” your newly remodeled area in ways that were not available previously.

Task lighting now takes on many different shapes and sizes and allows you to use fewer lights and accomplish the same result. When working with Kitchens By Design, our process takes you from start to finish on your project. Our electricians are part of our staff meeting our client’s needs as your project moves forward.

Kitchens By Design has several examples of LED and canned lighting incorporated into the displays in our showroom. Visit the showroom Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM and talk to our designers about designing your new living space.

By Barbara J. Byrd, Vice President


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